HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Teaser: TED Talks, Big Dreams and Ramen (Video)

The Mike Judge ("Office Space") show is set to air April 6.
"Silicon Valley"

"What if we built our own company?"

The first look at Silicon Valley -- HBO's forthcoming half-hour comedy that's already being compared to Hollywood-centric Entourage in tone -- features a group of friends seeking to make a name for themselves in the booming tech industry. 

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The clip for the series, created by Mike Judge, shows a winking look at the area's bland corporate campuses, pipe dreams and Ramen-fueled lifestyle. There's also hints of Judd Apatow derived humor in the dialogue. 

Unlike the mostly breezy lives of Vince and the gang in Entourage, could there be more of an edge to Silicon Valley? "They all have to shroud their capitalism with this 'we're making the world a better place' thing," Judge said of tech billionaires during a TCA panel discussion about the show in January. 

Eight episodes of the sitcom are set to air on HBO beginning on April 6.