HBO's Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock Film, 'The Girl,' Offers First Teaser (Video)

The Girl Toby Jones Sienna Miller H 2012

"I have to say that when I first heard Toby's [Jones] voice as Alfred Hitchcock, my body just froze," Tippi Hedren told reporters at the TCA press tour earlier this month; with the release of this first narrated preview of HBO's The Girl, Hedren's shock is now quite understandable.

With an October premiere date fast approaching, the marketing campaign for HBO's telefilm was kicked off in earnest with a 30 second clip that teases Jones' grasp on the legendary director and his obsession with Hedren, his one-time muse and star. The Julian Jarrold-directed film focuses on the relationship between Hitchcock and Hedren, who starred for the director in The Birds and Marnie, and the saga of unwanted sexual advances, harrasment and blacklisting that went on behind-the-scenes.

Sienna Miller plays a young Hedren, who was in her early 30s when making films with Hitchcock. At the TCA event, Hedren said that her relationship with Hitchcock wasn't all bad -- earlier, he was generous as her drama coach -- but that she certainly doesn't think he was in love with her.

"When you love someone, you treat them well," she offered. "I think we're dealing with a mind here that is incomprehensible, and I certainly am not capable of discerning what was going through his mind or why."

This is the first of two major behind-the-scenes-projects about Hitchcock on the horizon. Anthony Hopkins takes on the role of the horror master in Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho, a film directed by Sacha Gervasi and co-starring Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johansson.