'Project Runway's' Heidi Klum Calls Tim Gunn 'Awkward’'(Video)

The model turned host talked to Jay Leno about Season 9 of Lifetime’s reality competition.

Project Runway host Heidi Klum sat down with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show on Thursday to talk about Season 9 of Project Runway, her own fashion designs and vacationing in Europe with her family.

Klum spoke about Project Runway’s mentor, Tim Gunn, and revealed that he’s a little awkward.

“He’s very awkward and this is Season 9 and he just doesn’t change,” said Klum. “He’s just awkward from the first moment I met him and he’s still awkward.”

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“The words that come out of his mouth I’ve never heard of before and I’m always pretending that I know what he’s talking about,” said Klum.

She also shared a clip with Leno from the current season of Project Runway. In it, Klum convinces Gunn to run. The mentor’s run could be best described as trotting. The ninth season of Project Runway is currently airing on Lifetime.

Klum also spoke about her own designs, which include jewelry and designing shoes for New Balance. She says she likes to be involved in every aspect of her designs.

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“I’m just not a quiet little mouse. I like to express myself with clothes and bling and things that I love,” thr former supermodel told Leno. She was wearing a piece of her jewelry during the interview.

Klum, who had recently been traveling with her husband, musician Seal, and her children in Europe, admitted that she doesn’t usually wear tops when sunbathing. She said she was surprised that Leno had a photo of her with her top on while vacationing.

Watch Heidi Klum on The Tonight Show:

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