Helen Hunt on 'Mad About You' Revival: "We're Talking About How to Make It"

Helen Hunt has good news for Mad About You fans hoping the hit '90s sitcom will be revived.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote her new film, The Miracle Season, Hunt said she and onscreen husband Paul Reiser were talking about how to make a Mad About You revival a reality.

"It's not for sure yet," she said. "I will say that Paul Reiser is in my kitchen a good amount because we're talking about how to make it and not wreck it, because we're proud of what we did."

She was cautiously optimistic that she'd be able to reprise her role as Jamie Buchman, saying, "I hope so. It would be fun."

The comments are just the latest remarks from Hunt, making the rounds to promote her film, indicating that she and Reiser are at work on the revival.

She previously told Entertainment Tonight something similar about her and Reiser's kitchen table talks.

And she added to ET, "It does seem compelling to visit these characters 20 years into a marriage after raising an entire human being. So depending on some pieces falling into place, it could happen."

As for what she hoped to see from her and Reiser's characters, a New York couple dealing with the traditional ups and downs of a marriage, Hunt said, "I just want [my character] to continue to reflect the highly imperfect nature of everybody around me. People that watch the show never say, 'We love how perfect you are with each other!' They say, 'We love how you're falling apart,'" she said. "I don't imagine these characters have gotten more perfect in 20 years."

The series won multiple best comedy Emmys, with Hunt herself taking home a number of lead actress awards.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed in December that producer Sony Pictures Television Studios was eyeing a potential revival for the beloved series, which ran for seven seasons on NBC.

At the time, no deals were in place and a network was not attached, but Reiser, who co-created the series with Danny Jacobson, and Hunt were expected to return for the new show. NBC was not in the mix for the reboot, set in the present day, following Paul and Jamie Buchman after their daughter went off to college.

A Mad About You reboot would be just the latest in a series of revivals of beloved series, joining Will and Grace, Roseanne, One Day at a Time, Full House, American Idol, Star Trek, Murphy Brown, Magnum P.I., Dynasty and MacGyver, among others.

NBC has also indicated it is eyeing a revival of hit sitcom The Office, while 30 Rock alum Jane Krakowski recently said "there's definitely been talk" about a revival of that NBC hit.