Jon Stewart Suggests Other 'Pokemon' Quotes For Herman Cain (Video)

After the suspension of Cain's presidential campaign, the "Daily Show" host points to more appropriate references from the 2000 animated film that might have better suited his speech.
Comedy Central

Daily Show host Jon Stewart is going to miss Herman Cain.

The recent G.O.P presidential hopeful has been fodder for the Comedy Central show since he joined the election fray, and Stewart took news of his campaign's suspense particularly hard during the Monday broadcast -- especially when his final speech name-checked the Pokemon movie.

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Stewart screened the clip of Cain quoting Donna Summer's theme song from Pokemon: The Movie 2000 before waxing nostalgic about his easy target.  

"That's right Herman Cain's farewell address, words of wisdom to his followers and supporters, the final moments of his campaign are from the closing credits of the Pokemon movie," he said, "the thing they play to get you the f--- out of the theater."

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Not content to leave the Pokemon references, Stewart then aired a few clips from the film.

"First of all, it's not even the most inspirational quote from the Pokemon movie," said Stewart. He then listed off some more appropriate soundbites, including "I could use pants."

Watch the complete segment in the video below: