Comic-Con: 'Heroes Reborn' Debuts Extended Trailer to Enthusiastic Response

Heroes Reborn S01E01 Zachary Levi Still - H 2015
Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

Heroes Reborn S01E01 Zachary Levi Still - H 2015

Heroes returned to Comic-Con for its upcoming revival event series to great fanfare.

"This isn't supposed to happen, where you get a second bite at the apple this way," creator Tim Kring told enthusiastic fans before previewing trailers for the show's new mobile game and upcoming web-based prequel series. (Henry Zebrowski, who is in the prequel series, also appears in Reborn as someone who is a conspiracy theorist and central to bringing a familiar face back into the mix.)

"I'm overwhelmed at the feeling of deja vu. … We came to a room very much like this, with people who look a lot like you," recalled Kring. "We presented this show, Heroes, to you, and it was literally from this audience a fuse was lit and turned it into this massive phenomenon. … [Now,] we've had a long rest … and we're ready to save the world again."

And the fans seemed ready for that, too. Though the show's later seasons didn't garner the same enthusiasm as the NBC drama's first, groundbreaking year, the extended trailer's debut prompted many cheers from the crowd.

"This is Heroes on steroids," teased moderator-star Greg Grunberg (who plays Matt).

Set five years after the original series, "The entire world knows about these powers, and it's not such a good thing," shared Kring. (For more from Kring, check out his interview with The Hollywood Reporter here.)

HRG (Jack Coleman), the show's central character, is in a different place when viewers see him again.

"He's trying to live a suburban life outside of the grid, which only lasts until [he's found]," said Coleman. "There [are] certain [memories] in my brains which are lacking."

Returning to the character after so long was an unexpected delight, shared Coleman. "It's been amazing. … It felt like I was dressing up for Halloween. It came back very quickly."

"It's a show that was dear to our heart," said Masi Oka (Hiro) — who was a surprise guest at the panel, along with original-series star Jimmy Jean-Louis. "We left it unfinished. So it's great that there's another series, and we could wrap it up."

Heroes Reborn newbie Zachary Levi (Luke) praised the opportunity to get to play in the show's world.

"Chuck never killed anyone and didn't want to because he had a very big heart … and constantly used a tranq gun," joked Levi. "Luke Collins is a very tortured guy … and [he and his wife] have been hurt in something that happened."

"We have a twisted, messed-up relationship on TV," said Judith Shekoni of her onscreen relationship with Levi.

Former Once Upon a Time guest-star Robbie Kay shared his excitement over playing the exact opposite of his menacing Peter Pan character from the ABC drama.

"My character is Tommy, a typical high schooler, but he has a secret: the ability to make other people disappear," shared Kay. "And that terrifies him. … It eats him up inside because all he wants to be is a normal kid."

And Tommy has a friend in Gatlin Green's Emily. Previewed Green, "She finds out his big secret and is there alongside him. … There is some bravery to her."

Fellow newbie Ryan Guzman said he's playing an "army vet with a very troubled past who is presented with an opportunity of greatness, and he takes it."

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