Hilary Duff Looks Back at Past Fashion Choices on 'The Late Late Show'

Long before Hilary Duff starred on TV Land’s Younger, she was a child star on Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire.

While visiting The Late Late Show on Monday (June 11), host James Corden took Duff on a walk down memory lane. “Everyone loves a throwback photo. Yours, though, I have to say are particularly good,” he told Duff. “Oh, God,” she responded.

“Talk us through this fashion choice,” Corden said as he pulled out a photo of Duff wearing a stomach-baring patterned kimono, jeans and chopsticks in her hair on a red carpet.

“Oh, man. Well, OK, we should start at the top, right? Because there’s about two sets of rhinestone chopsticks in my hair,” she said. “I thought it was a fashion statement. It was some sort of a statement. I’m not sure what kind.”

She continued, “Then there’s bejeweled ... earrings with a bejeweled kimono and low-rider jeans because obviously Britney Spears was like my favorite.”

After pointing out the hand piece that pulled the ensemble together, Duff admitted she still wears some similar outfits. “When I was getting ready today I had a very similar kimono on, only it was not exposing just this,” she said as she rubbed her pregnant stomach.

Corden then pulled out a headshot of a young Duff covered in pink feathers and wearing a full face of makeup. “You know you’re from Texas when you have a glamour shot,” she said.