Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise 'Colbert Report' Appearance (Video)

Hillary Clinton Stephen Colbert - H 2014
Comedy Central/Screengrab

Stephen Colbert faced his liberal nightmare when Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance on The Colbert Report Tuesday night.

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To Colbert's dismay, the crowd started chanting Clinton's name when the former secretary of state popped out from backstage during a bit about how her memoir was little more than a name-dropping marathon.

The two then proceeded to name drop everyone from George Clooney to Meryl Streep to George Lucas.

Clinton bragged about negotiating during tense international talks, while Colbert countered by saying he once shared an office with Steve Carell and did an entire show with President Bill Clinton.

 "I hate to break this two you Stephen, but I've met him too," Clinton rejoined.

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Finally, Clinton told Colbert that he needed to promote her memoir, Hard Choices, on his show or she wouldn't appear on The Colbert Report. For once, Colbert lost in his home territory, conceding that he couldn't give up such a big get for his show.

Watch the full video below.

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