Hillary Clinton to Visit 'Late Show With Stephen Colbert'

Hillary Clinton Democratic Debate - H 2015
AP Images

Hillary Clinton finally is coming to The Late Show.

The Democratic presidential will appear on Stephen Colbert's late-night CBS show on Oct. 27, the host announced Friday via Twitter.

This marks Clinton's second late-night interview within her current campaign, following her visit to The Tonight Show last month. In addition to her interview with Jimmy Fallon, the former first lady also appeared in a sketch at the top of the show opposite Fallon, who was impersonating Donald Trump. She also made an appearance on the recent season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

Colbert already has welcomed several presidential candidates from both parties since his Sept. 8 debut as host, including Jeb Bush, Bernie Sanders and Trump.

Colbert interviewed Clinton twice on The Colbert Report, both in 2008, when she last was running for president, and in 2014.