Hillary Clinton Weighs In on Donald Trump Hosting 'SNL': "I Might" Watch

"I think he watched me," she told Jimmy Kimmel of her own recent appearance on the NBC sketch show.
Hillary Clinton on Thursday's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Hillary Clinton just might be on her couch this Saturday night.

The Democratic presidential candidate appeared on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where the host asked her if she plans to watch Donald Trump hosting this weekend's Saturday Night Live.

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"That I might do, actually," replied Clinton. "I think he watched me," she pointed out, referring to her cameo appearance during this season's premiere episode.

Jimmy Kimmel mentioned that Clinton went to Trump's wedding, leading the host to ask if the former first lady brought a gift to the nuptials. "I went to his wedding," she demurred with a laugh.

Kimmel said that Trump now makes unflattering remarks about her, but previously had complimented her. "He's not the only one," replied Clinton. "When I'm not running for something, Republicans actually say nice things about the job I do."

As for her reaction to the most recent GOP presidential debate, she said, "It's a combination of being appalled and being amused. It's kind of a little bit of both."

Clinton also discussed her husband, Bill Clinton, who she says would have a tough time saying no to a third presidential term, if it were an option.

"He would run again," she said of her husband. "If he could, he would."

Watch the videos below.

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