'Watergate' Docuseries Greenlighted at History

Oscar winner Charles Ferguson ('Inside Job') will direct and produce.
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Richard Nixon

As questions continue to swirl about the current presidential administration, History is taking a deeper look at one of the biggest scandals in White House history.

The A+E Networks-owned channel has greenlighted the docuseries Watergate, centered on the 1972 scandal that brought down then-President Richard Nixon.

The Watergate scandal began in June 1972 when police discovered several men bugging and photographing material at the Democratic National Committee headquarters and ended with more than 40 people being sent to jail, as well as Nixon resigning as commander-in-chief in 1974.

In addition into diving into the political conspiracy being led by Nixon and his staff, the docuseries will explore Vietnam, the unrest of the 1960s and the opening of China, among other national and worldwide events.

The docuseries will include new interviews with senior officials from Nixon's administration, members of Congress, prosecutors and journalists. This will be combined with archived material such as the taped conversations of Nixon and other members of his staff, footage from the Congressional hearings, criminal trial transcripts and other first-person accounts from those involved in the scandal.

History also teases the reveal of "previously unknown information" regarding Nixon's White House tapes thanks to voice recognition software and other advanced computer analysis.

Oscar winner Charles Ferguson (Inside Job) will direct and produce the project. Krista Parris will also produce, with Jana Bennett, Molly Thompson and Michael Stiller attached as executive producers. Representational Pictures will produce.

“The Watergate investigation transfixed America and the entire world for two years. Forty-five years later, this epic story continues to fascinate,” A+E Studios and A+E Networks Portfolio Group president Paul Buccieri said Tuesday in a statement. “From the corrupt politicians to the tenacious special prosecutors, judges and journalists, the scandal is replete with heroes and villains alike. We are thrilled to partner with Charles to bring a fresh perspective on this complex story whose repercussions are still felt today.”

Added Ferguson: “History has given me an extraordinary opportunity to explore, and tell, a hugely entertaining but also deeply important story that once transfixed America and the world for two years, but which most younger Americans have never seen before. Hugely compelling, Watergate is at once a sobering, frightening demonstration of the fragility of democracy in the face of the abuse of power, and yet at the same time an inspiring demonstration of how courageous people, many of them young, used America’s institutions to prove that everyone, even the President of the United States, must obey the law."