HLN Announces Nightly News Program, Social Media-Centric Development Slate

The upfront announcement comes two months after the network rebranded with the aim to become "the first TV home for the social media generation."
Jesse Dittmar
Albie Hecht

HLN on Thursday announced a new nightly news program and a development slate that falls in line with the network's new mandate to become "the first TV home for the social media generation."

At its upfront in New York, the network -- which in February said it will target "millennials and the millennial-minded" while focusing on trending news, viral events and other stories along with discovering emerging social media stars -- said the slate covers a range of unscripted genres, including a humorous look at the news, personality-driven programs, game/competition shows and a late-night comedy talk/video/sketch show.

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“HLN has collaborated with some truly creative minds both internally and externally to build a programming slate designed to heighten the all-screen experience -- TV, digital and social,” said executive vp and general manager Albie Hecht, who's been on a mission to remake the network since being installed last year by CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker.

The new nightly news program, an hourlong news and information show called The Daily Share, will shoot in HLN's new studio in Atlanta and center on what people are watching, searching, playing, sharing, shopping and creating in every aspect of their social media lives. Airdate and hosts are yet to be announced.

Projects on the development slate:

2 Spouses, 3 Houses -- YouTube star Jessica Edwards looks at a couples' social media "likes, hearts and pins" to help her find three choices for their dream home; one perfect for one, one for the other, and one she thinks they both will "like." Created by Red Arrow Industries.

America's Most Liked -- A game show that "can take someone from Internet nobody to web superstar." Contestants have to use their special or unusual talents to compete in viral challenges and try to get the most "likes" from the all-screens audience. Created by David Sidebotham’s Babyfoot Productions and Eero Hietala’s Aito Entertainment and developed by Michael Yudin at MY-Tupelo Entertainment.

What’s Trending -- A weekly look at the hottest trending topics and personalities that everyone is buzzing about and sharing. Hosted by co-founder of @whatstrending Shira Lazar. Created by Damon Berger and  Lazar/What’s Trending. 

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The Indie Machines Project -- Digital filmmakers Erik Beck and Justin Johnson are developing two 11-minute series, the interactive sketch show 5 Word Films and animated parody talk show Action Tonight.

Wkly M@shup With Chuey Martinez -- A new "late night" experience hosted by L.A radio personality Chuey Martinez, who will invite an eclectic mix of social media stars, established celebs and other faces from popular culture, who are making, spinning and spreading news to join him. The show is described as "one part talk, two parts performance and a spicy splash of sketch comedy." Created by Doug Greiff and Beatriz Acevedo and inspired by the hit MiTu Network digital series El Show w/ Chuey Martinez.

Natural Born Mixer with Alex Ott -- This series follows mixologist and scientist Alex Ott, whose adventures and challenges are mined from his social media following. Created by Robert Small/Robert Small Entertainment.

Web Mysteries -- A half-hour series that seeks the truth behind the web’s most fascinating, amusing and otherworldly stories and videos. Created by HLN. 

News or Not -- This game show challenges viewers knowledge of real social media news headlines. Created by Nancy Glass and Eric Neuhaus/Nancy Glass Productions.

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The Social Life -- Twitter star, travel junkie, sports fan and foodie Ali Nejad enlists his nearly 1 million online followers to help him take on missions -- from building homes for the homeless to joining a pro soccer team for a day. Created by Nejad and Hugh Arian/Echo Entertainment.

Beyond the Like -- From digital artist and director Joe Sabia, this themed half-hour series curates viral video moments and explores how the individuals behind extraordinary projects have made their mark online.

Trip Traders -- Tapping into the growing online community of people around the world who trade homes for vacations, the show will follow one "trader" as they decide which of three offers to accept. Created by Alan Goodman.

The 11 projects join the previously announced Keywords, NewsToonz (formerly I Can Haz NewsToons), One.Click.Away., Vacation Hunters, Videocracy and #WhatsYourFOMO app on HLN's development slate.