Hollywood Walk of Fame Spokeswoman: Kim Kardashian is Ineligible for a Star

Kim Kardashian Drop Dead Diva 2012
Bob Mahoney/ Lifetime

Kim Kardashian may have some trouble achieving this particular goal.

Speaking to V Magazine, she acknowledged the barriers to earning a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but said that, given by her natural competitive spirit, she would "love to break that mold."

Not so fast, however. 

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A rep for The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce confirmed that it's more than just a matter of taste that is keeping her without a star.

"Part of criteria in being honored is receiving awards such as Emmy’s, SAG Awards, Oscars etc. in the category of Television, Live Stage Performance or Motion Pictures," the rep said. "They have to have a career in the business of acting for five years or more."

Kardashian, having never been nominated for a major award, is thus ineligible. Her acting career has been limited to a guest role in Drop Dead Diva and a part in a Tyler Perry film.

As for whether reality stars might one day be in contention to get a star, the rep said, "Can’t really say if reality stars will ever be eligible. Not on our radar right now."