'Homecoming' Trailer: Julia Roberts Asks Big Questions in Amazon Thriller

"Have you ever forgotten something? Something… big?"

It's the question at the heart of Homecoming, Amazon's upcoming psychological thriller executive produced and directed by Mr. Robot mastermind Sam Esmail. Starring Julia Roberts and Bobby Cannavale, Homecoming takes its cues from a podcast of the same name about a secret government program and its impact on memory — ideas that are front and center in a new, extensive trailer for the series in which confusion and paranoia are paramount.

Watch the trailer above.

In Homecoming, Roberts plays Heidi Bergman, a role originated by Catherine Keener in the podcast from Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg, who adapted their material for TV. Heidi is a case worker employed by an agency devoted to helping soldiers rehabilitate and acclimate to life after war — though there's more to the program than meets the eye, as both the audience and Heidi soon discover.

Additional castmembers include Cannavale as Colin Belfast, Heidi's boss; Stephan James as Walter Cruz, one of the veterans receiving treatment from Heidi; and Shea Whigham as Thomas Carrasco, a Department of Defense official investigating the program. David Schwimmer, Oscar Isaac and Aaron Serotsky voiced Belfast, Cruz and Carrasco (respectively) in the podcast.

Homecoming debuted its first four episodes at the Toronto Film Festival this month, with THR critic Tim Goodman describing the series as "a throwback thriller, expertly done." Adding to that tight praise, Goodman added, "Let Sam Esmail make anything he wants. If that's not a rule of television, it should be." For his part, Esmail is in the process of wrapping up his run on USA Network's Mr. Robot, which concludes with the upcoming fourth season

Homecoming debuts Nov. 2 on Amazon. Keep checking THR.com/LiveFeed for more coverage of the series.