'Homeland' Bears Startling Resemblance to 'Always Sunny' Scene (Video)

A YouTube mash-up shows Charlie Kelly and Carrie Mathison have very similar ways of dealing with their conspiracy theories.
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Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) may have finally found her match.

Astute YouTube user SGeorge244 noticed that the Homeland character's season-one rantings about terrorist Abu Nazir (which have since been validated) bear a startling resemblance to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day).

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The mash-up between Carrie's rambling and famous wall of theories and 2008 Sunny episode "Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack" shows that Day had a pretty expert Carrie impression three years before Homeland even premiered.

Watch the sharply edited clip below, so long as you're not offended by the slew of NSFW language: