'Homeland' Boss Howard Gordon Reveals Show's 'Interesting' Relationship With the CIA, Military

Howard Gordon
Brigitte Sire

“I love deadlines," says Homeland showrunner Howard Gordon. "I learned early in my career that I wasn’t going to do anything until I had a gun to my head. Suddenly there’s no writer’s block because it has to be done.”

Showtime's Homeland has a unique connection with several government entities.

"We have an interesting relationship with the CIA and the military," showrunner Howard Gordon tells The Hollywood Reporter as part of the annual drama showrunner Emmy roundtable. "By and large they are surprisingly supportive."

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The Claire Danes-led series does take a slight leap of faith. "The whole premise of Homeland, when you think about it, is the CIA operating on U.S. soil, which, as far as we know, isn't something that really happens," Gordon reveals.

The key to making sure the depictions onscreen remain true to the specificities of the CIA world is to employ people whose knowledge and experience is in that area.

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"We have an adviser who has been a station chief. She became the person we would vet things through, and she actually provided a storyline that we used," the 51-year-old former 24 executive producer revealed. "I do have a lot of friends and people I'm in touch with who are active and retired military, and they are surprisingly supportive about the show."

"And we have a writer on staff named Alex Cary, who actually was a British soldier for 10 years," Gordon added.

Homeland's season two premieres Sept. 30.