'Homeland' Season 5 Trailer: Carrie Goes Way off the Reservation

The first look at the Showtime drama's fall return has Saul trying to bring Carrie back into the fold.

From the little that Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa and casting news have leaked about the series' upcoming season, it's clear that Carrie (Claire Danes) is as far removed from the action as we've ever seen her.

Now, Showtime's first teaser trailer for the drama's fall return finds Saul (Mandy Patinkin) attempting to bring her back into the fold. "You turned your back on your entire life," he says in the quick clip. "What are you atoning for, keeping America safe?"

Saul goes on to call Carrie "naive and stupid" before a supercut of explosions, shots fired and apparent kidnappings wraps up the 30-second spot.

Homeland is only a month into filming its fifth season, so the show clearly is front-loading the action.