'Homeland' Season 5 Trailer Leans Heavy on Hackers

Homeland Season 5, Teaser Trailer Still - H 2015

Homeland Season 5, Teaser Trailer Still - H 2015

Paging Mr. Robot ... Showtime has released the first full-length, dialogue-filled trailer for Homeland's upcoming fifth season, and the two-year time jump and move to Berlin seem to find the series leaning heavily on hacking.

The spot finds a happy Carrie (Claire Danes) embracing motherhood, her new beau and a private-sector gig — before leaked drone data brings Saul (Mandy Patinkin) to Germany, where their paths seem to cross in a not-so-fuzzy reunion.

Showrunner Alex Gansa referenced a hacker-driven storyline when he spoke with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this summer, and Showtime boss David Nevins recently told reporters that the fifth season would be taking some cues from the real-life events surrounding Edward Snowden.

"This story is current," said Gansa of the new season. "With all of the stuff that's going on just south of Berlin in the Middle East and to the east in Russia and Ukraine, it's fascinating. Carrie is out of the intelligence business when the season starts, and she finds herself in Berlin. It's a center for dissidence. That's where hacktivists go because German privacy laws are so strict. It's hard to have surveillance on people there."

Homeland returns Oct. 4.