'Homeland' Star Damian Lewis on His Musical Duets With Mandy Patinkin (Video)

Mandy Patinkin Damian Lewis Split - H 2012
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Mandy Patinkin Damian Lewis Split - H 2012

Mandy Patinkin, holla!

Such was the instant-classic exclamation made by Claire Danes as she accepted her Emmy for Homeland this fall, her way of thanking her bearded mentor and co-star on the hit Showtime drama. Patinkin and Danes, allies in the CIA on the show, have grown close in real life and it seems Patinkin's good cheer has spread to others on the set, as well.

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Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Damian Lewis, who plays Marine-turned-terrorist Nicholas Brody on the show, told the host that he and Patinkin have a penchant for singing songs from Stephen Sondheim's legendary catalog.

"As we went through the duet, Mandy said 'no no no, that note's wrong, come here, sit with me' and sat me down on a sofa, and then corrected me the whole way through the song," Lewis said with a laugh.

Patinkin is an avid showtunes singer; he won a Tony for his role in Evita, and to this day, when not filming the show, he is on the road singing duets.

Lewis himself has some theater experience; he studied dramatic acting and even performed with Ralph Fiennes in Hamlet.