Homer Votes Romney in Upcoming 'Simpsons'

The cartoon dad decides to go with the GOP candidate because "he did invent Obamacare."

Homer Simpson does his patriotic duty in the upcoming season premiere of The Simpsons, set to air Sunday Sept. 30, but he's still undecided when faced with a choice between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

"I don't know. I already have one wife telling me to eat healthy, plus he promised me death panels and grandpa's still alive," Homer says while weighing the pros and cons of voting for Obama.

Romney on the other hand "did invent Obamacare," Homer reasons -- the Massachusetts governor recently said it's a "compliment" to be called the plan's "grandfather" by Obama -- and chooses to go with the Republican candidate, giving him instant access to Romney's tax returns.

Of course, by the time this episode airs, that last joke will be a little stale: Romney promised to release his tax returns today.

As Homer might say: "D'oh!"