'House of Cards,' Chapter 34: A Big Storm is Coming


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Frank's carefully laid plans hit yet another speed bump in House of Cards, "Chapter 34."

As a hurricane approaches, the president makes the responsible decision to sign a bill that would fund FEMA at the expense of America Works. A force of nature is just about the only thing Frank can't control, despite his best efforts to prepare for the hurricane by using other departments as damage control.

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But the storm doesn't come. It's too late for Frank to take back his signature, so there's only one play left to him: announce that he is running in 2016. His campaign? A vote for Underwood is a vote for America Works, with Frank gambling that enough good was done in Washington D.C. via the thousands of jobs the program created that people will want America Works nationwide.

Frank is uncharacteristically human in this chapter of the story, with former ribs restaurateur Freddie (Reg E. Cathey) coming to the White House to learn the president has gotten him a job. He'll take one in the grounds keeping department, rather than in the kitchen, which he doesn't actually like. Frank also finally allows dissent within his cabinet rather than bullying them, encouraging them to speak up if they thought he should sign the bill defunding America Works.  

You'd almost forget viewers have seen him murder twice in cold blood on the screen.

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But there's trouble brewing. Doug (Michael Kelly) organizes a meeting between presidential candidate Heather Dunbar (Elizabeth Marvel) and her opponent (and Underwood ally) Jacqueline Sharp (Molly Parker). Doug then alerts Frank.

What's his game? Is he trying to form a rift between Frank and Jackie as a way of hurting his former boss? Or is he truly looking out for Frank?

Stay tuned for chapter 35 to find out.

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