'House of Cards,' "Chapter 37": That's a Sexist Comment

House of Cards Chapter 37 - H 2015

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"Francis Underwood is a good man. He's dedicated, and generous, and I have 28 years of proof. I can honestly say, even if I wasn't married to him, he would definitely have my vote," Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) tells a crowd full of women questioning Frank Underwood's (Kevin Spacey) intentions.

They are not the only ones questioning Frank's actions in "Chapter 37" as the president starts to lose his allies after he orchestrates an explosive debate. Here are the major moments from season three, episode 11: 

Rachel is alive. The episode is able to redeem itself after a disappointing reveal in Chapter 35 that Rachel (Rachel Brosnahan) was dead. You didn't believe she was dead, did you? Gavin (Jimmi Simpson) fills Doug (Michael Kelly) in at the jump of the episode, sharing photos of the former call girl alive and well. Though Stamper acts surprised, he definitely shared a sigh of relief with audiences as Rachel will now unravel even more twists and turns for the series. Will Stamper track her down, or let her be? Knowing him, we doubt it's the latter.

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Pitbull and presidential. "You were going to play pitbull while I play presidential," Frank tells Jackie Sharp (Molly Parker) as the two prepare for a Heather Dunbar (Elizabeth Marvel) smack down. To Frank's detriment, he underestimates Congresswoman Sharp. Before the debate takes off Jackie calculates her plans to further her power on Capitol Hill. First she approaches Frank with her concerns and suggestions, and then meets with Dunbar for a counteroffer. While Heather refuses to play ball with the two, corrupt and "disgusting" Jackie takes Underwood's side in the debate. She calls out Dunbar for being sexist, an unfit mother and inexperienced. Per Frank's barking orders Jackie puts shame on Dunbar for sending her kids to private school and the president covers his tracks by calling Sharp a hypocrite (Jackie's stepchildren go to private school.) Stunned and betrayed, the pitbull bites back as Sharp ends her campaign and endorses Heather Dunbar. 

Hide in the kitchen. "Back in the ribs joint I could just walk back in the kitchen when I got tired of hearing him talk," Freddy (Reg E. Cathey) admits to Remy (Mahershala Ali) about the president's need for company. It seems Frank may not have everyone in his corner anymore. After Jackie publicly endorses Heather, Remy is next to escape the Oval Office. 

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Every seven years. "He proposed and I said, seven years, if it's still good, another seven," Claire opens up to Yates (Paul Sparks) about how she really feels about their marriage. She continues, in a state of vulnerability on the verge of passing out, "I don't hate campaigning. What I hate is how much I need us." Yates, as he has done the entire episode, presses her for answers, and the metaphor is not lost here with her blood being taken out, so are her hidden truths. Ever since her husband forced her to step down as U.S. Ambassador and sit back in her chair, smile, and wave as the first lady, Claire could only keep the facade going for so long. The debate sparked Mrs. Underwood to grow even more wary about her husband and their future together. While instead of being talked about and used in a play to win the debate, Claire watches, wishing she was standing center stage. Although Frank rushes to her aid when he finds out she had fainted, it may all just be a little too late.

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