'House of Cards' Creator Reveals Reason for Season 2 Shocker (Video)

House of Cards S2 Kate Mara Episodic - H 2014

House of Cards S2 Kate Mara Episodic - H 2014

[SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains major spoilers about the first episode of the second season of House of Cards. Do not read if you haven't seen that episode.]

The Internet has been buzzing about the shocking incident that occurred in the first episode of the second season of House of Cards, which started streaming on Netflix last Friday.

Less than 40 minutes into the premiere, Kate Mara's Zoe Barnes was killed off, thrown in front of a subway train by Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey).

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It was a jaw-dropping moment, but both Mara and show creator Beau Willimon told CBS This Morning on Friday that this had been the plan for Zoe from the start.

"We told Kate from the get-go. I always knew that Zoe was going to meet her maker in the first episode of season two," Willimon said.

He later added, "She is so wonderful that as we got closer to doing it, we reconsidered for a second, then we stuck to our guts."

As for why he felt the need to have Underwood kill her, in such a dramatic manner, particularly given Underwood's behavior in season one, Willimon said that was part of the progression of Spacey's character.

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"Well, it was sort of the natural progression for Francis," Willimon explained. "One of the questions the show asks is, what is he capable of? How far is he willing to go?"

After co-host Gayle King interjected, "But he's already killed somebody," Willimon added, "What's one more?"

Mara also revealed her thoughts about her divisive character.

"I don’t mind playing somebody that people don’t necessarily love all the time," she said. "It makes it much more interesting as an actor to do things that people are going to roll their eyes at."

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Willimon also added that Lyndon Johnson was one of the inspirations for Underwood.

"He shares a lot of the same aspects as Francis," Willimon said. "He came from nothing. He was a political mastermind, and he stopped at nothing in order to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish."

Meanwhile, Mara said that although Spacey seems intimidating and serious, he was always very playful and funny on-set.

Watch Mara and Willimon's full segment on CBS This Morning below.