'House of Cards' Fans Beg Netflix to Release Season 2 Early Because of East Coast Snowstorm

Eager viewers trapped indoors due to heavy snow are petitioning and tweeting to get access to new episodes the political drama set to start streaming Friday.
Courtesy of Netflix
A scene from season 2 of "House of Cards"

The second season of House of Cards begins streaming on Netflix at 3:01 a.m. ET on Friday, but that's not soon enough for anxious fans trapped indoors due to a snowstorm socking the East Coast with heavy snow, sleet and freezing rain.

Several people have been tweeting that Netflix should release the political drama on Thursday due to the snow day many people have taken, including residents of Washington, D.C., which has already received 11 inches of snow.

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There's even a Change.org petition to get Netflix to release House of Cards a day early, but it only has 52 signatures, despite multiple tweets linking to it.

A rep for Netflix confirmed that the show would still be released at its scheduled time on Friday morning.

Read some of the tweets in support of an early House of Cards release below.