'House of Cards': John McCain, Lindsey Graham Weigh in on Netflix Series (Video)

Congressional staffers and leaders are planning to binge-watch the second season of the series, all 13 episodes of which were released early Friday morning.
A scene from the second season of "House of Cards"

John McCain may have appeared in last year's House of Cards White House Correspondents' Dinner spoof House of Nerds, but he still hasn't seen the Netflix series.

The Republican senator told Bloomberg that he hasn't streamed the hit drama, the second season of which was released early Friday morning.

"I'm one of the few living Americans who hasn't watched it, but I will," McCain told Bloomberg, which took a video crew up to Capitol Hill to get real politicians' opinions on the series.

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Also weighing in: Republican South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham.

"The only unrealistic thing about the show is that a democrat could represent Gaffney, South Carolina," Graham said of Kevin Spacey's Congressman Frank Underwood. "That could never happen."

Sen. Martin Heinrich also said the show was unrealistic. "I think Kevin Spacey makes it look a lot more exciting than it actually is and a lot more devious," he told Bloomberg. "But it'll be interesting to see what they do with the new season."

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Bloomberg also reported that lawmakers and their staffers were planning to binge-watch the show over the weekend, with some even getting a jump on the series, which was released at 3:01 a.m. ET on Friday thanks to a delayed opening for government offices until 10 a.m.

President Obama's Twitter account even referenced the debut of the second season, writing "No spoilers, please" on Thursday, a sign that he was looking forward to finding out what happens for himself.

Watch Bloomberg's full report on Washington's House of Cards fandom below.