"Don't Be Gentle:" 10 Ruthless Quotes From 'House of Cards' Season 3

House of Cards Season 3 Spacey Still - H 2015

House of Cards fans (almost) got an early Valentine's Day gift when season three of the drama mysteriously appeared on Netflix.

The mistake was quickly corrected, but not before The Hollywood Reporter got a look at the first episode. Season three finds Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright) ruling the White House, but with plenty of schemes to further their power.

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Below are 10 of the most salacious quotes from the season three premiere, which begins streaming on Feb. 27.

10. "Don't be gentle." — (Spoiler) to a prostitute

This racy scene involves an unexpected character.

9. "I'll tell you this though, Pop. When they bury me, it won't be in my backyard. And when they pay their respects, they'll have to wait in line." — Frank

There's no love lost between Frank and his old man. In episode one, he urinates on the grave of Calvin T. Underwood (1935-1978), gloating that his burial place will be far more important than his late father's. (H/T to Mashable for GIF.)

8. "Any idea where she is, because it's important that we find her." — Claire

Last season, Rachel Posner (Rachel Brosnahan) attempted to kill Doug (Michael Kelly). Claire knows it's imperative that the Underwoods find her, as she's the only person who could implicate Frank in Peter Russo's (Corey Stoll) death.

7. "Your work so far is toothless." — Frank

Frank excoriates his staff, unhappy with their methods. There is sure to be plenty where that came from.

6. "We have to do the things people won't like." — Frank

If that doesn't give House of Cards fans chills, nothing will.

5. "We agreed to this before we ever set foot in this house. How am I supposed to run for office if I don't have a legitimate track record?" — Claire to Frank

Yes, Claire has her sights set on public office. After all, that whole water charity nonprofit didn't exactly work out.

4. "I'm almost 50 years old. I've been in the passenger seat for decades." — Claire to Frank

Claire is showing signs that she's ready for the spotlight.

3. "I should have taken care of it when I had the chance. They haven't found her yet. But when they do, I'll make sure that no one else does." — (Spoiler) to Frank

We won't say who, but fans may be surprised who is at the other end of this exchange.

2. "You have to respect your own mortality." — Frank to (spoiler)

If Frank ever talks to you about your own mortality, run. If he mentions your mortality near a subway, run faster.

1. "I will not be a placeholder president, Claire. I will win and I will leave a legacy." — Frank to Claire

It's no surprise, but he's got an eye on the election. It will be interesting because, for the first time in the series, Frank will have to win over voters. 

Watch the full 13-episode season on Netflix on Feb. 27.