'House of Cards' Finale: What's Next After Claire's Big Move?

House of Cards Chapter 39 - H 2015

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House of Cards leaves plenty of questions following its season three finale.

Claire (Robin Wright) has decided to leave Frank (Kevin Spacey), right as he is in the fight of his life to win election. More than any other before it, season three put the Claire and Frank union to the test.

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"We had a lot of challenges, not just in terms of what obstacles Frank will face, but also what is the nature of this union between Francis and Claire? Every season we've seen them change, evolve, grow deeper, run into conflicts," creator Beau Willimon told The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the premiere.

Netflix hasn't officially renewed the show for a fourth season, but there will be months ahead for fans to speculate about what would happen should it get the renewal. 


What happened: Claire had been dissatisfied for much of the season, during which she realized it wasn't just her station — but Frank — who wasn't enough to satisfy her. She

What's next: Presumably, Claire and Frank's separation will be a public one. She will have to figure out what her next move is, and see if she can make it on her own. Will she seek office in her own right? Return to the non profit world? 


What happened: Frank has just won the Iowa Caucus, narrowly defeating Heather Dunbar (Elizabeth Marvel). He also has Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) back on his side, and was (at least implicitly) aware of his plan to murder Rachel (Rachel Brosnahan).

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What's next: Frank has survived scandals and international crisis. But can a president seeking election survive divorce? House of Cards pulled a fast one this season with Doug's apparent death in the season two finale turning out not to be true. But it seems pretty clear that Frank will have to deal with being separated from Claire next year. Perhaps more important than public opinion is how he will operate as a solo agent without Claire as a teammate.


What happened: After a season of becoming infinitely more likable thanks to his personal struggles and his brother's adorable family, Doug became damned his soul by deciding to murder Rachel, minutes after he'd chosen to spare her.

What's next: Doug has definitely proven his undying loyalty to Frank. As White House chief of staff, he will certainly be getting his hands dirty, doing what Frank needs in order to run the country and win an election.


What happened: She nearly won the nomination by playing dirty and threatening to release Claire's abortion diary.

What's next: She lost Iowa, but her campaign will get a major shot in the arm when the Underwoods drop their marriage bombshell. But her deal with the devil (Doug) this season might come back to haunt her. He likely knows plenty of secrets about her that could derail her campaign.

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