'House's' Jesse Spencer Back for Season 8: How Fans Reacted on Twitter

Most fans seemed pleased by the news, while others came down with a sudden case of the snarks.

Jesse Spencer has renewed his contract to star on Fox’s House for the upcoming Season 8, a spokesperson from NBC Universal, the studio that produces the show, confirms to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Spencer broke the news on Twitter while surfing in Newport Beach, Calif. “I'm coming back for season 8 with a tan and a busted board,” he jokingly tweets.

The actor has played the role of Dr. Robert Chase for all seven seasons. And with the speculation that the eighth season may be the show’s last (not to mention the fact that Lisa Edelstein, who played Dr. Lisa Cuddy, announced she won’t be returning), the news gives some fans a good reason to return for the next season premiering on Monday, October 3. Well, it seems like the majority of fans felt that way.

Here are several fan reactions that caught our eye on Twitter.

“Jesse Spencer has signed on for S8 of "House." Darn, now I have to watch it. Curious how they'll dig themselves out of the S7 fail-finale.” -- @AndieTweets

“Re-Sign not Resign. Yay!” -- @utieknarotomo

“YAY!!! About freaking time!” -- @Trayce

“And the good news?” -- @a42towels

“Of course Jesse Spencer re-signed with House. You can't take career risks when your career started with Winning London.” -- @onlymystory

“Just when I thought I'd have an excuse to quit watching.” -- @jlschaefer

What’s your take on Spencer’s return?

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