'How to Be a Gentleman': What the Viewers Are Saying

"Super funny," opines one, while another claims it "makes 'Whitney' look like 'Arrested Development' or 'All in the Family.'"

Less than a month after Entourage wrapped its series run, Kevin Dillon hit small screens once again Thursday night in CBS' new comedy How to Be a Gentleman.

The sitcom follows Andrew (David Hornsby, who also created the show), a straight-laced etiquette columnist for a men’s magazine.

When the magazine is revamped into a Maxim-style publication, Andrew turns to high school bully-turned-gym owner Bert (Dillon) in an effort to make him over.

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Most critics have been underwhelmed by the pilot. But what are viewers saying?

Among those who hit Twitter to praise the show:

Rene J. Rodriguez
LOL The Show "How To Be A Gentleman" is out of control. Super Funny

Steve Yonkers
Yeah it was funny...

I am enjoying *How To Be A Gentleman*

Emperuman Rajan
How To Be A Gentleman is actually a good show, not bad

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Nyadenya Inyagwa
I gotta give it to Kevin Dillon for doing such a good job in How to be a Gentleman tonight.

Among those who were less than impressed:

Top 3 News
'How To Be a Gentleman' review: Very funny people, very few laughs

I really wanted to like "How To Be A Gentleman" David Hornsby is adorable but the show, eh. Only part I laughed at was the "fried nips"

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Adam Kaufman
How to Be a #Gentleman will have to be better to avoid a quick cancellation. And I miss Johnny Drama.

If there's one thing I don't like, it's a laugh track in a show. How to be a Gentleman has one. Good cast, but I cannot overlook it x

Defunct Games
How To Be a Gentleman makes Whitney look like Arrested Development or All in the Family. At least Whitney has a LITTLE potential.


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