'How to Get Away With Murder' Cast Shares Their Theories for Who Killed Lila

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Who killed Lila Stangard?

That's the biggest burning question heading into Thursday's season finale of ABC's breakout hit How to Get Away With Murder.

Following a season of flash-forwards, flashbacks and lots of clues and red herrings, the person responsible for Lila's death will finally be revealed during the two-hour season-ender. So who killed her? Was it Sam? The Keating Five's top suspect Rebecca? The Hollywood Reporter hit the set of Pete Nowalk's Shondaland drama to get the cast's theories.

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Viola Davis (Annalise)
I was hoping it wouldn't be me! But, I think I just blame Bonnie for everything. Every time I look into Liza's eyes, I'm thinking, "You're up to something! You have a lot of secrets!" And I know she saw Lila at the door that night, so I was kind of pointing my finger at Bonnie.

Alfred Enoch (Wes)
I didn't have a theory or at least anything as strong as a theory because that's one of the things I learned over the course of the season —that's where madness lies. You can't predict it or get attached to a particular direction. I thought it might be Rebecca. Dramatically, I thought it would be interesting. But that was my little suspicion. But I wouldn't call it as strong as a theory. It was an idea, a notion.

Aja Naomi King (Michaela)
I don't know! I'm still like what happened to Lila?! Why was I involved with Sam? Why can't I just go back to doing law school!

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Katie Findlay (Rebecca)
I don't think Rebecca did it. Selfishly, I wanted to because that would make me fun and terrifying! I thought it was Bonnie. And I had a really good reason and now I'm not remembering what it was because once you find out what happens you kind of stick with their reasons and their criminals. We had so many theories and so much time to discuss them that nothing was surprising anymore but we still managed to be surprised by the finale.

Liza Weil (Bonnie)
In my Bonnie mindset, I was hoping it was Sam (Tom Verica). I think that it is kind of bittersweet if it was Sam. I think Bonnie certainly pined for him and then having that mask ripped off and seeing that he was capable of being that person would be certainly upsetting. In light of everything that happened to him, if he did do it, it would have made it OK for him to go. 

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Billy Brown (Nate)
I knew it wasn't going to be an obvious assailant. I was trying to imagine who else — maybe we hadn't met him yet. That's always a possibility. I was sitting back and waiting to see how it unfolds without giving anything away.

Charlie Weber (Frank)
The way things were shaping up, I felt like Sam did. I did call the midseason finale. We were all discussing it one day and I said, "I think Wes killed Sam to protect Rebecca." Sure enough, that is what happened but Jack and Alfie are just like, "No no, that's too obvious, it's too obvious!" With that trend in mind, Sam is the obvious choice but we've already seen that that is possible. So I'm going to say Sam.

Jack Falahee (Connor)
I actually did have a big theory — and was correct.

Karla Souza (Laurel)
I was thinking maybe Rudy had something to do with it. I thought maybe we go and visit Rudy in the insane asylum — and why would someone be in an insane asylum if they didn't do something that heavy? Then I thought that they were playing a lot with Rebecca's character so then I thought she killed Lila. 

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