'How to Get Away With Murder' Cast Plays TGIT 'Trading Places'

How to Get Away With Murder Cast - H 2014
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How to Get Away With Murder Cast - H 2014

Shondaland is a big place.

In addition to rookie hit How to Get Away With MurderShonda Rhimes' and Betsy Beers' production company produces Scandal and veteran medical drama Grey's Anatomy while developing projects that could be tomorrow's next big thing (including ABC pilot The Catch).

After polling the cast of Scandal, The Hollywood Reporter took a page out of Trading Places and quizzed the cast of ABC's freshman breakout to find out where in Shondaland they'd like to swap jobs for a day.

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Viola Davis (Annalise)
Scandal's Tony Goldwyn. Because he's a dude, first of all, and he plays a president — I want to experience that level of power. He's an attractive, sexy guy so that level of male sexuality would be interesting as a woman. You want to have that kind of power.

Alfred Enoch (Wes)
[Executive producer/director] Bill D'Elia. He has all these responsibilities of guiding everything and liaising with everyone and helping us out with any concerns we have. He's so good humored and so amazingly calm and relaxed. It would be nice to be as fun as Bill and have a taste of that.

Aja Naomi King (Michaela)
I want to be like Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) or Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) on Scandal but if you mean anyone, I would be Shonda for a day. I'd hire a helicopter to take me to the Bahamas. I'm sure that's not part of her daily schedule, but that's her commute right? Then I would write a script where everyone makes out.

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Katie Findlay (Rebecca)
There's never been a time where I didn't want to be [Grey's Anatomy alum] Sandra Oh, ever in my entire life. And now she's technically a Shondaland alum, but if I could be Christina Yang, I would absolutely do that. It's my picture on a friend's phone when I call, is Christina Yang when she's dancing.

Liza Weil (Bonnie) 
Bill D'Elia. Bill, similar to (actor-director) Tom Verica, he gets to go in all the rooms, hears a little bit of the tidbits and knows what's happening a few minuets before we do so that might be fun.  He's a master and lovely and he is sort of the father on set and I love that.

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Billy Brown (Nate)
I won't reveal his name, but there's one of the Teamsters that I would trade places with. He has a good collection of Harley's, and is tatted up. He lives good, works long hours and travels well. 

Charlie Weber (Frank)
You know, that's a tough one because it's such a great place and everybody's got such a cool job, but just because he does so much and I think he's such a cool guy, I would be Tom Verica for one day.

Jack Falahee (Connor)
I'd really like to be behind the camera one day, so I would love to direct. But I would also be really interested in set decorating. I think the worlds that set decorators create on all of Shonda's shows are so vivid and so interesting and feel so real, so I think it would be really cool to get my hands dirty there.

Karla Souza (Laurel)
[ABC Entertainment Group president] Paul Lee. He houses all of Shondaland so in a way he is like giving a space for Shondaland. I would have every day of the week be Shondaland.

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