'How to Get Away With Murder': Nine Guesses for Annalise's Nine Mysterious Words

Our educated — and amusing — guesses
ABC/Mitchell Haaseth
"How to Get Away With Murder"

ABC's How to Get Away With Murder is promising a Scandal-like reveal Thursday, with promos warning viewers that their "jaw will hit the floor with Viola Davis' last nine words."

So what are they? The Hollywood Reporter takes a look at the facts — and offers our best nine-word guess.

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1. "My husband is the one who killed Lila Stangard."

Annalise's (Davis) husband, Sam (Tom Verica), is a prime suspect in the slaying of student Lila Stanguard — with whom he likely had some sort romantic relationship.

Our first guess is that Annalise finally accepts the truth about her spouse.

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2. "This is how I once got away with murder."

Thanks to the Pete Nowalk show's use of flash-forwards, viewers learned in the series premiere that Sam somehow winds up dead and rolled up in a blanket, with her wide-eyed law students left to dispose of the body. Our second guess is Annalise explaining that to her class, tongue-in-cheek.

3. "Wes, you little slut, let me rub your nipples again!"

Wes (Alfred Enoch) is on the hot seat after posing as an attorney in a bid to help is neighbor, Rebecca (Katie Findlay), a suspect in Lila's death.  Our third guess is Annalise having some fun with her most doe-eyed student.

4. "How to get away with murder, you bitch baby!"

Because Wes jokes are funny, our fourth guess is Annalise hammering home the title of her class using an expression that Connor (Jack Falahee) used to call Michaela (Aja Naomi King).

5. "I only call on students who are series regulars."

Speaking of Annalise's students, our fifth guess is a small flaw that many viewers have singled out with How to Get Away With Murder.

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6. "Man, I could really use Olivia Pope's phone number."

While series creator Nowalk has said the Shonda Rhimes-produced freshman drama likely won't feature a crossover, even Annalise could use a good fixer.

7. "Let's all agree to pin the murder on Michaela."

Annalise targets the least likely suspect? We could totally see that happening.

8. "Let's all break for a 30-second dance party."

It's #TGIT synergy!

9. "I should have won an Oscar for The Help."

Yeah, we said it.

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC. What are your best nine-word guesses? Share them in the comments below.

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