'How to Get Away With Murder': Prepare to Meet Young Wes (Exclusive)

Armani Jackson and Alfred Enoch - H 2015
Courtesy of Paul Abramson; Photofest

ABC's How to Get Away With Murder is poised to explore Wes' childhood.

Youngster Armani Jackson has been tapped to recur on the sophomore drama from executive producers Pete Nowalk and Shonda Rhimes, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Jackson will play a young Wes, the character portrayed by Alfred Enoch.

It's unclear just when Jackson will make his debut. The role marks the young actor's second visit to Shondaland; he previously played a boy in a bubble during a multiple-episode arc on season ten of Grey's Anatomy.

Showrunner Nowalk told THR that he planned on exploring the backstories of the Keating Five during season two of Murder, which will continue to feature flash-forwards and flashbacks.

"We're going to be jumping around because the show is about playing with time — and I like telling the story out of order," Nowalk told THR after the season two premiere. I want it to feel different. A lot of storytelling these days is just how to tell a story in what time. But it's always my goal that we tell things in a way that's satisfying and we give people answers as well as keep the story going."

Jackson's credits include the upcoming feature Nowhere Ever After as well as The Last Witch Hunter and Cooties. He's repped by DBA and Abramson Talent.