Cracking the 'How to Get Away With Murder' Season 3 Timeline

Before the Viola Davis drama returns Thursday, catch up on where things left off and the burning questions that still need to be answered.
Courtesy of Nicole Wilder/ABC
'How to Get Away With Murder'

Putting the puzzle pieces together on ABC's How to Get Away With Murder is one of the most fun parts of watching the show. But it's also occasionally infuriating trying to discern exactly what is happening and when. With the show's (and TGIT's) return imminent, The Hollywood Reporter attempts to straighten out the season three timeline between when the Keating 5 went back to school and when the group found out that the dead body in Annalise's (Viola Davis) house was one of their own: Wes (Alfred Enoch).

The Beginning

While we saw plenty of flashbacks to the Keating 5's summer vacation, this year's story really began as the students (miraculously) started their second year of law school. Frank (Charlie Weber) was missing (and Annalise was trying to find him), and the Keating 5 began working at Annalise's new pro bono law clinic.

The Flashbacks

We caught glimpses at what the Keating 5 did over the summer: Wes told Annalise that Frank set them up for his father's murder, Laurel got into an argument with Annalise and agreed to cut Frank out of her life, Asher (Matt McGorry) went broke and had to ask Annalise for a loan, Connor (Jack Falahee) begged Annalise not to hire Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) and Michaela (Aja Naomi King) almost got a DUI before being rescued by Annalise. It's clear that Annalise is still entangled in all of their lives.

The Alibis

Oliver: The first member of the group revealed as safe was Oliver, who had begun working for Annalise at her law clinic. While he wasn't privy to the previous two murder cover-ups, when he showed up to the fire he was quickly forced to reveal whether he would be a good secret-keeper. Would he wipe Annalise's phone clean before she was arrested or not? He did, and even dropped it back at the crime scene. We later learned that Annalise had called to ask him a favor. Is this why he was at the crime scene, or was it something else?

Bonnie (Liza Weil): The second group member to safety was Bonnie, who made sure Oliver wiped the phone clean. She then met the group at the hospital — and, although she knew the victim was Wes, didn't tell the group until later. What happened in between? Also of note: Bonnie is the one who found Frank, and slept with him before returning to Philadelphia. Frank killed Bonnie's father, but when he came back to town he visited Laurel first. Bonnie was not pleased.

Laurel (Karla Souza): Laurel was in the house at the time of the explosion (yep — explosion, not just a fire), but somehow survived. And good thing, too, because she is pregnant (though it's unclear whether the father is Wes or Frank). She was in the house in the first place because Annalise had called the Keating 5 there, but she was the only one free to actually go. While we saw Nate and Laurel enter the house, it's also unclear whether they were both there at the time of the explosion — and whether they had seen Wes (or his body, since Nate told Annalise he was dead before the fire).

Michaela: We know that Michaela, who is now dating Asher for real, was busy seething at her mother when everyone found out about Wes. But did she leave her apartment at any time earlier that evening, between when the crew was there getting drunk and when she was there with her mom before rushing to the hospital?

Asher: Dude was being perhaps the worst RA ever at the time of the fire and getting hammered with his residents after a little squabble with Michaela (he is responsible for her mother being there, after all). He also rushed to the hospital when he found out something terrible had happened.

Connor: After breaking it off with Oliver, Connor hadn't really been coping well. At the time of the fire, he was busy having sex with Oliver's new guy, Thomas (Matthew Risch), because Connor is terrible at dealing with complicated feelings. He, too, headed to the hospital.

Nate (Billy Brown): We saw Nate enter Annalise's house, but we don't know what happened between then and when he identified Wes' body at the morgue. He later visited Annalise in jail, where he informed her that Wes was already dead at the time of the explosion.

The Incident

Wes is dead, and he was already dead at the time of the fire. We do know for sure that before heading back to Annalise's house, he'd exchanged testimony and evidence against Annalise for immunity — but in what case? Turns out it wasn't about the Mahoney murder — Rebecca's (Katie Findlay) corpse had been discovered in the woods.

After the body was found, Annalise was charged with arson and first degree murder and is now in jail. But the Wes charges are just the beginning — the DA knows she's done some shady things and is out to nail her. She knows an anonymous source has been colluding with the DA.

It's still unclear whether Annalise had something to do with the explosion in her home, and, if so, whether she intended to target anyone in particular. Viewers know that she, in a drunken stupor, called all of the Keating 5 to her home. Laurel was the only one seen there, but Wes was also spotted sneaking out of his interrogation room when he got Annalise's voicemail. How did he get to her house? When did he get to her house? Was he killed somewhere else and his body planted there?

That's what viewers will learn in the second half of HTGAWM's third season: Who killed Wes?

How to Get Away With Murder returns Thursday at 10 p.m ET/PT on ABC.