'How to Get Away With Murder' Star Talks Latest Wes Cliffhanger

"Almost everything will be revealed in one way or another up to our season finale, which will be ultimately very satisfying for all of our viewers," Billy Brown tells THR.
Nicole Wilder/ABC

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's episode of How to Get Away With Murder, "Go Cry Somewhere Else."]

The first half of How to Get Away With Murder's third season was about discovering the identity of the murder victim under the sheet, and the second half is all about finding out who killed him.

At the end of Thursday's episode, the show revealed a key detail in the timeline leading up to Wes' death: that Nate and Wes were inside Annalise's house together before the explosion. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Nate Lahey himself, Billy Brown, who gave insight into that pivotal moment, Nate's continued connection with Annalise (Viola Davis), and whose side Nate is actually on.

First of all, "Lahey is on Lahey's side. It's blunt, but it's true," confessed Brown. "He cares about Annalise, and her mother's plea outside of the hearing in court really penetrated that exterior, that protective kevlar that he's had to grow dealing with Annalise and her students and all the treachery that they have wrought. Ultimately, Lahey realizes to get where he needs to go and to do what needs to be done, his loyalties lie with himself and no one else."

That said, Brown said Lahey's connection with Annalise is still strong, no matter how many times she's burned him in the past. "The beautiful thing about human relationships between boys and girls is you can't define those intangible moments or necessarily even articulate them," said Brown. "What causes two people who have chemistry to allow them to move ahead, to hold hands after what is an unquestionable amount of hurt caused by one to another? It's why guys like Dr. Phil have been on the air for 20 years; it's what keeps psychiatrists in business; it's a condition of human frailty; it's our curse as homo sapiens."

He continued, "This is just another shining example of that. And I always imagine there are other moments outside of what we actually see that exist in their world which do strengthen a bond that otherwise would seem impossible to have, so it isn't all treachery and skullduggery. They can openly say they appreciate each other, especially Lahey towards her. He's a conscientious guy. He's [gotten] underneath her exterior, which sometimes leads her to take actions that hurt those around her most. But he sees what's behind that veil, and she has let him in. If anything else, that is the fuel that keeps them where they are and where they'll be tomorrow."

As for where the house meeting falls in the larger timeline of this season, Brown promised that all will be revealed soon. (It'll have to be, since the season ends in just a few short weeks.) "Almost everything will be revealed in one way or another up to our season finale, which will be ultimately very satisfying for all of our viewers that stay with us. With respect to Lahey and Wes, I think it's a great moment and it's something I didn't see coming. I read the scripts at the table read, so I had no anticipation that was going to happen but it does some beautiful things. ... Why did he go in the house? Why step in there? What are you doing, guy? Don't go anywhere near it! Get your ass out of there!"

Brown was excited as the viewers are to figure out what, exactly, was happening. "It really puts myself as the actor in a situation I hadn't anticipated, to imagine how I'm going to get out of this, and it looks absolutely terrible," said Brown. "Especially with the consideration that my signature somehow is on the transfer report. There's a lot of things that will be revealed as those moments open up in the home with Lahey and Wes that are going to be very, very, very satisfying."

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.