Ranking 'How to Get Away With Murder' Suspects: Who Actually Killed Wes?

Ahead of Thursday's season three finale, THR takes a look at the most likely suspects in Wes' murder.
Richard Cartwright/ABC

"I want to keep people guessing until the end," How to Get Away With Murder creator Pete Nowalk told The Hollywood Reporter when the ABC drama returned after its winter hiatus.

The first half of the third season saw a different member of the HTGAWM team revealed safe each week before unveiling the actual murder victim on the gurney in the season premiere. But the second half did no such thing. In fact, each week's teaser showed a different member of the Keating Five (and some of the group's ancillary members) inside the house before Wes' death.

Heading into Thursday's two-hour season three finale, THR examines which of the surviving characters is the most likely suspect in Wes' murder. 

10. Oliver (Conrad Ricamora): The poor guy wasn't even in on all the Keating conspiracies until recently, so he had no stake in covering anything up. He's probably not the guy.

9. Asher (Matt McGorry): After losing his father, Asher has been in a dark place — but now that Michaela is helping him emerge from his rut, there's no way he would do something to jeopardize that. And he wasn't involved in the season one murder, either. He's got more important things on his mind.

8. Michaela (Aja Naomi King): What does Michaela have to gain from killing Wes? They weren't that close.

7. Laurel (Karla Souza): She's the mother of Wes' unborn child, yes, but it's still unclear what happened while she was in the house before the explosion.

6. Nate (Billy Brown): Nate might have cleaned up messes for Annalise in the past, but the guy still likes to be on the right side of the law. He might get shady with paperwork or help find things only cops can, but he's not a murderer. Or is he?

5. Connor (Jack Falahee): This shady dude has been super-stressed and casting suspicion on anyone he could — but the fact that he was revealed to not only have been inside the house, but actually giving CPR to a knocked-out (possibly already dead?) Wes means it's likely a red herring. It's never that easy on HTGAWM.

4. Frank (Charlie Weber): Frank might still be groveling for Annalise's forgiveness after the accident with her unborn child years ago, and even confessed to the murder to get her out of jail, but that doesn't mean he still isn't capable of actually having done it. Still — the fact that he wants to make things up to Annalise means he probably wouldn't have done something so horrible.

3. Annalise (Viola Davis): Sure, Annalise clearly loved Wes like he was her own son (in her own twisted way, at least), but accidents happen. They could have gotten into an emotional argument and something horrible could have happened, or she could have flown into a drunken rage. Besides, Davis is about to win an Oscar, so she could be itching to get out of there ...

2. Bonnie (Liza Weil): The lady's unhinged — and while she's spent the season working hard for Annalise, she's clearly damaged. Could she have been jealous of Annalise's affection for Wes? Maybe she just went a little nuts like she did in season one. (Remember, she's the one who killed Rebecca!) 

1. The Mahoneys: OK, so they're not actually main characters and they haven't even shown up in the second half of the season, but they're still the most obvious suspects in Wes' murder. They clearly discovered that Wes was Wallace's son, and figured he was part of some revenge plot — so they got revenge on him. Alternate theory: Perhaps the family worked with one of the aforementioned suspects?

How to Get Away With Murder's two-hour season three finale airs Thursday, Feb. 23 at 9 p.m. on ABC. Share your suspects and theories in the comments section below.