'How I Met Your Mother' Cast Talks Finale: 'End Game…Justified the Means' (Video)

In an interview with "CBS This Morning," the sitcom's stars reveal few details but praise the idea behind the final episode, which airs Monday night.
"How I Met Your Mother"

How I Met Your Mother comes to the end of its nine-season run on CBS Monday night with many hopes, predictions and theories among the show's fans of what the final episode will entail. But the stars told CBS This Morning, in an interview that aired Monday, that they aren't worried about the last show not living up to expectations.

In keeping with the cast and creators' approach in recent weeks, they declined to divulge specific details, but they did praise the final episode for being the conclusion of a well-thought-out plan.

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"Everyone was a little concerned in our midseason as to what the end game was," Neil Patrick Harris explains. "But once we were confident that they knew what they were doing, and then once we actually were told a few weeks before what the actual end game was, it justified the means. It justified all of the long play of our show. It's not, like, we end on the final scene and then they met. 'Good night, everybody.' It's deeper than that."

Co-star Jason Segel added that it's clear the show's creators have been following a plan that began in the show's early days.

"They've been laying something out from the beginning," he said. "It all comes together in ways I didn't even expect."

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Star Josh Radnor, whose main character, Ted, is set to meet the titular mother in the final episode, said the final show offers a bit of everything.

"It feels to me, like, whatever way you're into How I Met Your Mother, whatever you love it for -- if you love it for big laughs, they're there. If you love it 'cause it really touches your heart, it's there. If you love it 'cause you wanna see these friends grow together, it's all there," he said.

Radnor also clarified that while he did get emotional reading the final episode, he wasn't "heave crying at the gym," as had been rumored.

"I got a little misty, as I think everyone did," he said.

Watch the cast's full interview with CBS This Morning below.