'How I Met Your Mother' Launches 'Puzzles' Website, Complete with Theme Song (Video)

How I Met Your Mother Puzzles Jan 2 - H 2012
Ron P. Jaffe/Fox

How I Met Your Mother Puzzles Jan 2 - H 2012

How I Met Your Mother enjoys a long history extending the life of its episodes with online ventures.

There was the foreboding Slap Bet Countdown, Barney's Video Resume, TedMosbyIsAJerk.com and, of course, the evolving music video catalog of Robin Sparkles.

On Monday night the show returned from hiatus with "Tailgate." And after alluding to their brief tenure as bar owners in a previous episode, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Ted (Josh Radnor) finally opened their bar, Puzzles. ("Why is it called 'Puzzles?' That's the puzzle.")

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Motivated by steep New Year's Eve cover at McClarens, the duo quickly turned Ted's apartment into a bar, complete with velvet rope, a bar manned by Kevin (returning guest Kal Penn) and Cheers reminiscent signage.

CBS simultaneously launched PuzzlesTheBar.com. The site is home to photos from the episode, the bar's mission statement, a detailed menu and calendar of events and the complete version of the bar's theme song, as performed by Harris and Radnor during the episode.