How Joan Collins Landed Her 'American Horror Story' Role

This year's American Horror Story has welcomed one very high-profile new addition to its ranks with Joan Collins.

The dystopian season of the FX horror anthology, titled Apocalypse, has so far focused on a group of survivors after a nuclear holocaust who have been placed together in an underground safe house of maniacal sorts. Collins plays a Hollywood dame named Evie Gallant who is the grandmother to Evan Peters' character.

"[She's] a lady who was married to the head of MGM, and she drops names all the time — she drops Rock Hudson, Natalie Wood and all of that — and she's very grand," the Dynasty star told James Corden on Thursday night's Late Late Show, while also providing a spoilery update on her character after the second episode, which aired Wednesday night.

When announcing Collins' casting, co-creator and showrunner Ryan Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter very casually that he was "throwing in" the legendary actress for a role in the season, which features the highly anticipated crossover of earlier cycles Murder House and Coven. Now, Collins sheds light on how her casting came about.

Collins told Corden that she was introduced to Murphy at the annual Vanity Fair Oscars party by her friend, and now AHS co-star, Sarah Paulson.

"I'd never met him," she explains. "She introduced me, but I didn't catch his name. He was saying, 'I really want you to be in my show. I'd love to write a role for you.' I'm saying, 'Oh, that's good.' But this is the sort of Hollywood thing you hear all the time. And he was very nice, but I didn't quite know who he was until it suddenly clicked, 'Oh, this is the $300-million man who had just made the deal with Netflix.'"

Collins is referencing the FX creator's jump to Netflix, which came with the biggest producer contract in television history.

"As we're walking out, I think nothing will happen here and I bump into an actress who said, 'Oh, I saw you talking to Ryan. Did he offer you a role on American Horror Story?' I said, 'Yeah.' She said, 'Oh he did [for] me too,'" Collins adds.

Then she quips, "But anyway, she didn't get it. But I did."

Watch Collins' appearance in the video player above.