Howie Mandel Delivers Faux Master Class on Hand Washing

Howie Mandel is ready to teach people how to wash their hands from the expert — sort of. 

The comedian and game show host (also a well-known germophobe) on Wednesday gave a master class in hand-washing via a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

"Is it a science or is it an art? I would say it's both," Mandel noted for the faux online education class preview. "I don't refer to it as 'washing my hands' because to me, it's so much more than washing. It's my hands making love." 

In reality, proper hand-washing has become one of the best tools to protect from the spread of the novel coronavirus, and health experts have explained numerous times how washing is properly done. 

Mandel's fun included his multiple forms of washing, such as "The Ovation," "Pet the Kitty," "Making it Rain" and "Sex on the Beach." 

"I see a lot of kids who are new to the game, who say, 'You know the fingers are the most important or you gotta get the palms.' No! That's wrong!" Mandel quipped. "You must give each part of the hand full attention and respect. These are my children. And there are no favorites." 

He added, "Am I an expert? Of course not. I am the expert." 

Watch the faux master class preview below.