Hulu Cult Drama 'The Path' Unveils "Eye-Opening" Art and Teaser (Exclusive)

Hulu's cult drama The Path remains shrouded in mystery nearly a month ahead of its series premiere. However, the streaming company is slowly but surely starting to drop clues about the freshman series.

Created by Parenthood alum Jessica Goldberg, The Path focuses on a family at the center of a controversial faith-based movement struggling with relationships, marriage and power. Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan play the husband and wife, Eddie and Sarah Lane, while Hugh Dancy stars as one of the leaders of the movement.

"He had an eye-opening moment where he realizes he just doesn't buy anything that they're preaching anymore," Paul says in the exclusive behind-the-scenes video above about Eddie. "He's afraid because he knows there's a possibility he could lose his entire family."

And it's not just Eddie whose eyes have been opened. In The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive first look at the teaser art for The Path, an open eye looms large over Monaghan's Sarah as she crouches down, eyes shut, and prays in front of a locked door. "Never stray," the tagline reads ominously. 

The Path premieres March 30 on Hulu.