AMC's 'Humans': Can a Robot Love Your Family? (Exclusive Video)

The sci-fi drama, set in a world in which humans buy artifical servants, premieres June 28.
Des Willie/Kudos

This takes creepy babysitter to a whole new level.

AMC's upcoming sci-fi series Humans imagines what would happen if people starting incorporating robot servants (Synths) into their lives. In The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive video, one of the Synths, Anita (Gemma Chan), begins to creep out Laura (Katherine Parkinson), the wife and mother of a family who recently purchased a robotic servant.

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"I am programmed to take better care of your children than you," says the Synth. "I don't forget. I don't get angry. I do not feel fear. However, I cannot love your children." 

Replies Laura: "Do you want to?" 

It's safe to say, complications arise in the eight-part series, which is based on the Swedish sci-fi drama Real Humans.

Watch the video below.

Humans premieres June 28 at 9 p.m.