'Humblebrag' Book Gets Unenthusiastic 'Parks and Recreation' Cast Endorsement (Video)

In order to help writer Harris Wittels sell his new book, three residents of Pawnee provide three examples of false modesty.

Hollywood stars have a tendency to pepper their conversations with some boasts here and there, but this is ridiculous.

Of course, that's the point when promoting a book called Humblebrag.

After years of operating a popular Twitter account that spotted and retweeted examples of false modesty (for example: "Why am I getting this award? I'm so unimportant!"), Parks and Recreation writer Harris Wittels is now coming out with a book highlighting the best of instances of humblebragging.

In order to the promote the book, he got an assist from three of the men he writes for on the NBC comedy: Nick Offerman, Adam Scott and Chris Pratt. Well, kind of, anyway.

Humblebrag from Adam Scott