'I Love Jenni': Jenni Rivera Takes the Stage One Last Time (Exclusive Video)

Jenni Rivera takes the stage for the final time.

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a clip from Sunday's episode from docu-series I Love Jenni, which focuses on Rivera's final concert in Monterrey, Mexico, and the moments leading up to the early morning Dec. 9 plane crash that killed the beloved singer.

The scene opens with Rivera performing onstage for the crowd dressed in a bright floor-length dress, before family members recall Rivera's legacy. "She never took it for granted," one says of Rivera's success.

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Following Rivera's concert, I Love Jenni follows the singer backstage as she celebrates with her team, hours before her plane disappears.

"When everything happened in December, we were in shock. We were in mourning. Once the new year came around, we said, 'You know what, why don't we regroup? Why don't we figure out what do we do?' " Diana Mogollon, general manager at mun2, told THR in April. Rivera's former manager Pete Salgado called the final season a "reflection" of Rivera's life.

I Love Jenni airs at 9 p.m. Sundays on mun2.

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