'Ice Road Truckers' Driver Allegedly Kidnapped, Beat and Threatened to Kill Vegas Prostitute

After Tim Zickuhr believed a woman he had hired to perform sex acts had stolen money from him, he allegedly held her captive and accidentally called the cops and set up a meeting in an attempt to get his money.
Tim Zickuhr

One of the drivers from History Channel's Ice Road Truckers spinoff allegedly kidnapped a Vegas prostitute, threatened to kill her and forced her to jump out of a second-story window, according to a copy of the arrest report obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

Tim Zickuhr, who appeared on Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads in 2011, was arrested and charged with kidnapping, extortion and coercion on Dec. 19, a day after he hired a prostitute who went by the name of "Snow White" (real name: Lisa Cadeau). But after he gave the woman his ATM card to withdraw money to pay for the sex acts she performed, the two engaged in a bizarre dispute over payment, in which Zickuhr allegedly threatened to kill her, beat her and poured cold water on her from a mop bucket, the police report details.

Read the arrest report here.

Zickuhr claimed Cadeau had withdrawn more money than they'd agreed upon and, after she went to his apartment, he reportedly began to punch her in the face and threatened to kill her if she didn't give him the money she had stolen. She was also tied up with backpack straps, and Zickuhr poured cold water from a mop bucket on her, according to the arrest report. Cadeau was then locked inside a closet tied up and instructed to give Zickuhr the phone number of someone who could bring him the money he believed she owed him.

But Cadeau gave him the number of a Las Vegas police officer, which she had because she'd worked as a citizen source for him. When Zickuhr called the number, he said that if he didn't get $1,000, he would go to Mexico and kill the prostitute. He continued to threaten to kill her and repeatedly called the officer's number, demanding his money, with Cadeau screaming in the background. When Zickuhr insisted that the person on the other end of the phone meet him behind a Las Vegas casino, the officer and another cop showed up and arrested Zickuhr.

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Prior to his arrest, while Cadeau was screaming in his apartment, Zickuhr's neighbors called the cops and the Las Vegas police department arrived on the scene to check on the apartment. A nervous Zickuhr then forced the prostitute to jump out of his second-story window onto a carport.

When the police ultimately found the prostitute, she had injuries on her face and arms and lacerations on her wrists that indicated she had been tied up and bound.

Zickuhr later told the cops that his plan was to place Cadeau on Craigslist and try to make money off her performing sex acts.

Zickuhr has a court date scheduled for May 6 in Clark County, Nev.

History Channel declined comment.