Ice-T Warns About Dangers of Tide Pod Challenge on 'Tonight Show'

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Still Ice T - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of NBC

On Wednesday night rapper Ice-T swung by The Tonight Show stage to share some pearls of wisdom about his unlikely TV success and unveil a hilarious PSA warning teenagers about the dangers of the viral Tide Pod Challenge.

Starting off the show, host Jimmy Fallon congratulated the rapper for celebrating 19 seasons with the hit series Law & Order: SVU and his Grammy nomination for the political "Black Hoodie" song from Ice's long-running hardcore band Body Count. The rapper revealed he is "totally in a dream world" when thinking about the fact that SVU is about to pass the all-time running record for prime-time dramas, noting that his motto about success is simple: "You don't guide life; you ride life."

Fallon also rebooted a running gag with the gangsta rapper turned prime-time detective, revisiting some of T's lesser-known work doing voiceovers for children's cartoons. Among the undiscovered clips the pair dug up this time were hysterical, inappropriate bits from The Magic School BusArthur and Scooby-Doo.

In the Magic School Bus clip, Ice-T takes over the voice of one of Ms. Frizzle's students and tells the red-haired teacher, "Girl, you nasty" after she revealed she has a "private and powerful passion for pickles." The clip sent the audience into roaring laughter as did the reworked clips from the other two cartoons. 

Continuing their discussion of cartoons, Fallon brought up Ice-T’s adorable daughter, Chanel, and the two fathers went back and forth describing their children's favorite cartoon shows, singing the theme songs to Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, with Mickey being referred to as an OG by Ice-T. 

"The cartoons today are made for kids. The cartoons for us were made for adults," Ice-T shared. "Tom and Jerry were cutting people and decapitating people up."

After Ice-T left, Fallon continued the show with his ever popular "Audience Suggestion Box" segment. The second question Fallon received asked the late-night host if he was familiar with the Tide Pod Challenge. Fallon said he was aware of the recent fad in which individuals eat the laundry detergent and post videos of it online. He joked that Tide teamed up with Ice-T to release a PSA about the dangerous trend.

"Stop eating laundry detergent dumb fucks" the rapper stated in his monotone serious voice to which the audience laughed. 

Watch Ice-T's appearance on The Tonight Show below.

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