Iconic 'Partridge Family' Title Art Up for Auction

The animated sequence featuring a Mondrian-inspired mother Partridge bird and her five chicks was accompanied by the hit song "C'mon, Get Happy."
Courtesy of Nate D. Sanders Auctions

The Partridge Family's legendary animated title sequence is up for auction for the first time ever. The sequence, of course, opens with a brightly colored egg that hatches The Partridge Family logo and then a mother Partridge bird. Later, the mother Partridge Bird followed by her five little chicks walks across the screen (watch it below). And from season two on it was accompanied by the “C’mon Get Happy” (season one used “When We’re Singing”). 

Bidding on the image of the whole family of Partridges starts at $40,000. Bidding on a series of three images of the baby birds also starts at $40,000. The opening uncracked egg and other individual images have starting bids of $5,000. The auction will be held Thursday.

The 1970-74 ABC show featured Shirley Jones as a widowed mother who leads a musical group featuring her five children, including real-life stepson David Cassidy (who became a teen idol off of the show), Danny Bonaduce and Susan Dey. 

The animated title sequence was designed by legendary artist Sandy Dvore, who got his start in the early 1960s drawing trade ads for The Hollywood Reporter. The sequence was originally supposed to appear only in the pilot but was kept for the entire run. Color TV was relatively new in 1970 and The Partridge Family was one of the first series to use color in the opening sequence. Dvore took color and styling cues from the Mondrian-inspired school bus the family drove.

In addition to his work on The Partridge Family, Dvore designed the title sequence for The Waltons, Knot’s Landing and The Young and the Restless; promotional art for such movies as Lawrence of Arabia and The Great Escape; and logos for Lorimar, ICM and United Artist.