'Idiotsitter' Star: I Love Playing 'A Horrible Person'

Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse tell THR of their six-day shoot on the Comedy Central web series: "It felt like a week-long Groundlings sketch."
Jillian Bell, left and Charlotte Newhouse

Comedy Central recently unleashed its new web series Idiotsitter, which asks the question: How far will one intelligent woman go to pay her bills?

The six-episode series stars co-creators Jillian Bell (Workahlics) and Charlotte Newhouse. Bell plays Gene, a spoiled woman who is living under house arrest in her father's (Stephen Root) mansion. Academic overachiever (but unemployed) Billie (Newhouse) comes on board to look after Gene and tutor her for the GED -- a requirement of her house arrest.

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The pair have been writing together since teaming up at the Groundlings. They originally pitched the concept to Comedy Central as a pilot, and tweaked it after it was picked up as a web series -- one of six Comedy Central's digital production studio, CC: Studios, ordered in November.

They shot the entire season in just six days.

"It felt like a week-long Groundlings sketch. It felt very natural," Newhouse tells The Hollywood Reporter.

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"We've known each other for about three years now. We wrote one sketch together and we decided we were going to be writing partners for the rest of our lives," adds Bell.

Bell -- whose Workaholics character, Jillian, is incredibly sweet -- relishes the opportunity to play what she calls "a horrible person."

"Both are fun to play," she says, adding that she plays "a not-so-nice person" in the upcoming action comedy 22 Jump Street.

The pair say their are plenty of story possibilities should Idiotsitter get a second season. They are also working on a feature script for MGM.

"We got really lucky with our director [Jeff Tomsic], our cast, and working with Comedy Central,"  says Newhouse. "From makeup to costume, everyone liked doing this and really worked hard."

Idiotsitter debuts new episodes on Wednesdays. Watch them here.