IFC, Alamo Drafthouse Partner to Present Themed Film Lineups Every Sunday (Exclusive)

"Slightly Off Cinema Sundays" will kick off in January with adaptations of best-selling books including "No Country for Old Men" and "Fight Club."
Miramax/Courtesy of Everett Collection
"No Country for Old Men"

IFC and Alamo Drafthouse are teaming up to present thematically paired film lineups every Sunday on the network and in Alamo theaters.

Beginning in January,IFC and Alamo Drafthouse Slightly Off Cinema Sundays will introduce a new monthly movie theme and present a related lineup of movies to their respective audiences.

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January’s theme, “Novel Flicks,” features on film adaptations of best-selling books with titles ranging from No Country for Old Men to The Last Temptation of Christ on IFC, while Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is programming Fight Club and Sense and Sensibility throughout its 17 theaters nationwide. The book theme is also a nod to IFC’s upcoming original, the epic miniseries The Spoils of Babylon, premiering Jan. 9.

“Consumers seek out Drafthouse for the unique viewing experience they offer, and that's also true of why audiences watch movies on IFC," said Lauren Burack, IFC’s vp marketing. "The content is great on its own but we both add a cool, slightly edgy voice and sensibility to what we’re presenting that enhances the experience."

Added Alamo Drafthouse CEO/Founder Tim League: “The common love of movies is what brought Alamo and IFC together. We want to grow our audience of movie lovers and provide a diverse array of programming at our theaters. The partnership with IFC allows us to reach even more movie lovers nationally by curating titles about which we’re both passionate."

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IFC and Alamo Drafthouse also will launch a marketing campaign surrounding the new initiative. The on-air and in-theater film lineups will be wrapped in IFC and Alamo Drafthouse branding, encouraging IFC viewers to visit one of Alamo’s 17 theaters nationwide (with plans for three more in 2014) and Alamo audiences to tune in to IFC.  The pair also will create a customized “Don’t Talk” PSA to play before films, a hallmark trait of Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas.

Online, IFC.com will feature a dedicated microsite and IFC FIX blog post around each month’s film theme and engage users on social media during each Sunday lineup. 

Alamo Drafthouse will further promote the partnership on drafthouse.com, foreveryoungadult.com and badassdigest.com as well as at Fantastic Fest and in its monthly magazine, Birth. Movies. Death.