Illeana Douglas' 'Easy to Assemble' Web Series to End After Fourth Season (Exclusive Video)

Actress Illeana Douglas is ready to move on.

Her branded web series Easy to Assemble, set in the world of Ikea, will launch its fourth and final season this fall, likely in September. As the trailer for the upcoming year hints, the series -- centered on a fictionalized version of Douglas who quits acting and works at the do-it-yourself furniture store -- is going out on a high, with appearances by Tom Arnold, Ed Begley Jr., Fred Willard, Roger Bart and Kate Micucci. After seeing Douglas' character venture out of the Ikea environment and in Sweden for season three (the theme: "You are home, you just don't know it yet."), there was chatter that there couldn't possibly be more story to tell.

"When the opportunity arose to do season four, I said, 'Well, there's only one logical place to go,' which is to go back to the store," Douglas tells The Hollywood Reporter. "All along, my character has been confronting herself, kind of like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but more my personal point of view."

Unlike previous seasons, the new episodes were much more personal.

"This year is culled from me stepping into my own shoes," Douglas says. "I decided to focus this year on making it my story."

Though Easy to Assemble, which launched in 2008, has won numerous Webby Awards and spawned spin-off series Sparhusen, will end in its current form, Douglas is already looking to the next step: possibly bringing it to television.

"It's been an amazing experience. I loved every minute of it but as an artist, I've done everything I can do here and it's time to either move on and make it a TV show, which everyone wants to do, or try to work on something else," she says.

One of the ways Douglas weaved in more traditional sentiments was by adding in a classical story line to the fold.

"The thing I added this year was a classical storyline that you could really see on TV week in and week out," she reveals, hinting at more romance in season four.

For now, Douglas is confident branded entertainment will continue to expand and grow, citing Janeane Garofalo's new half-hour film for Virgin (debuting in June) as a recent example companies are using it to their benefit.

"I really think it's the future when you see companies investing in entertainment," she says.

THR has never-before-seen images from the upcoming season of Easy to Assemble. Check them out below: